Interior Decorating Mistakes

Frankenstein’s Monster was a combination of many things from different sources. The result was not aesthetically appealing. No matter how good any of our sources are the combining of different elements will never work unless the individual parts have some coherence. Usually this takes pre-planning, though sometime we can be lucky. It helps to know some of the mistakes made in the past.


Impulse Buys – there are some great bargains to be had, but no item is a bargain if it never gets used. And if an item does not have a place in a room of your house it is wasted. People who say ‘that would be perfect for the living room’ tend to be on the right track’. Think of the overall effect.


Scale and Height – We live and think in a 3D way. Rooms need to reflect this and not have everything at the one level.


Focal Point – Rooms work with a focal point. There is variety in the house if every room has a different focal point. A fireplace, Television or dining suite are the obvious focal points of some rooms. Occasionally a room can have more than one.


Cluttered and Small – Though some European and Victorian styles work with many small details most people presently avoid this. If it’s all small details there is no point of focus, and our minds tend to react poorly to this. Sometimes it can work if there is a central point of focus as well as small details, but no just small details on their own.


Cluttered and Big – A room can be crowded with only a few items if those items are simply too big. Changing the style of the item, like a spare frame chair instead of a recliner, can make a difference. Changing the colour to something less dominant can also work; as long as there is a feeling of space in the room.


Collections – Most of us have these. If the various items look like they belong together then the results can be worth displaying.


Painting before you plan the rest – Rarely do we design around the paint. Rather, we design the room and paint the walls accordingly. Look at fabric and furniture, and find a wall colour that is suitable.


Above all, create a space that the home owners, presumably you, feel very comfortable in.

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