Dulux paints are a product that adhere to the highest standards. Dulux painters are also expected to adhere to the highest standards, and are expected to do justice to the fine products that they use.

High quality paintwork is more than a fine end result, though this is certainly important. Dulux painters know to work with the strictest environmental guidelines. A large part of this is using Low emission paint such as ENvir02, which minimises the Volatile Chemicals (VOC) in both the environment and in the room immediately after painting. These airborne chemicals, one present in so many parts of our home, are now far less of a threat to our health due to the use of high quality, low emission paint.

Meticulous planning and concern for noise and disruption of schedules is of primary concern for Dulux painters. We believe the right approach not only delivers the best results, it delivers them on time and without impact on neighbours. It also delivers them safely and without incidence. This approach allows us to guarantee our paintwork for five years, with no peeling or flaking. Our full liability covers any possible mishap.