Exterior painting has its own set of challenges. Surfaces need to be well prepared, paint has to withstand the elements, and techniques have to be precise and adjusted to the building and weather conditions of the time. Yet the effort is well worth it. The exterior is the most visible part of a building, and a good paint job with the right products will protect the external walls for many years to come. Good exterior painting makes aesthetic and economic sense. No two houses or buildings are the same, though each is an important personal or business asset. We treat each project as unique, and consider the best colour scheme, best approach, best long term results, and always value the goals and opinions of the client. It is on everybody’s best interest to have the most impressive results possible. Our exterior services are designed to deliver.
Our commercial services include where necessary:
  • All Dulux environmentally sound water based, oil-based and solvent based paints
  • Texture coating and Membrane application.
  • Scheduling to cause minimal disruption to business or residents.
  • Graffiti removal is necessary.
  • Regular maintenance painting schedules.
  • Pressure washing & soft washes.
  • All access solutions with fixed or mobile scaffolding, elevated work platforms, abseiling, and swing stages.
  • Sustainable painting methods, advice.
  • Full liability insurance.
We are DULUX accredited. A part of this accreditation is offer all our clients the option of using ENvir02 ™ paint, which has minimal chemical smell and causes minimal pollution.
We stand by our workmanship, and guarantee our customer’s satisfaction.