Sydney’s North Shore is one of Australia’s more affluent areas. Standards for the North Shore are higher than most, something reflected in the housing and culture. Our North Shore painting services will cater to the higher standards of the North Shore. When a home is part of an affluent life, it is worth a premier painting service.


Our North Shore painters are professionals who do far more than paint walls. We approach each project as a piece of architecture, and design accordingly. This is a service with a background in fine hotels and art galleries. The end result is a combination of elements and design that give a building the look that appears in glossy magazines. Some things are worth the extra time and expense of a premium service.


We are a Dulux accredited company. As such, we are required to adhere to the highest professional standards, and be compliant with environmental legislation. The Dulux accreditation is a testimony to the abilities of our North Shore Painters.

Our projects are meticulously planned for the optimal results. If you are constructing a building and need immaculate painting as the final touch, or if you are renovating something that is worth restoring, then we can work as part of an organized project to deliver a final result on time and up to the highest professional standards.