People live in strata because of the lifestyle it offers. There is both the private ownership of the individual apartment and the sense of community with other apartment owners. This means there are both private and public areas in any strata building, and the upkeep of both these areas is a high priority to all the residents.
Maintenance and painting is a twofold problem in strata. For one thing there are many people using the same building, especially the public areas. This imposes a lot a wear and tear. The other problem is that no one is directly responsible for the upkeep of these public areas, even as everybody want the building to be kept in pristine condition. A reliable means of maintenance is required.

Professional Strata Painters Sydney

POPS painting maintains the pristine look of hotels, restaurants and major public building where appearance is an important part of the business. We maintain strata to the same pristine standard.
We pride ourselves on our management skills as well as our painting abilities. Our staff are flexible and considerate when dealing with the schedules of others. We can quietly work in the background without inconvenience. No project maintenance is too large for our services.
Residents expect their strata buildings to be kept in immaculate condition. We look after building through regular inspections, and fix problems before others even notice them. Keep you strata residents happy and feeling like they live in a hotel. Employ our painting services and never worry about upkeep again.
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