High traffic and the need to maintain a pristine appearance means commercial paint applications need to be perfectly executed and perfectly maintained. Our approach will deliver the right look for your business situation and the type of finish that will outlast most other paint jobs. We can give you a free quote regarding the best look for business and can liaison with contractors and decorators as required. If your business is important then it is worth investing in an office decor that will continue to impress for years to come.

The nature of commercial buildings often means large scale, multi-story painting is necessary. This is not the domain of the ordinary house painter; this is an area requiring professional personnel with specialized equipment. Our personnel are trained for these circumstances, either refinishing an exterior whilst the business continues operation, or working with various departments for the proper initial construction of commercial buildings. Initial building consultation or latter upgrades benefit greatly by combining our painting services with other construction areas. External metal surfaces can benefit from corrosion treatments, and colour schemes can be chosen to suit the surrounding environment.

Our maintenance program allows the professional finish on your commercial property to be kept in immaculate repair. Already protected by a 100% guarantee against weather and normal conditions, our maintenance allows accidents and abuse from clients to be quickly rectified. Instead of budgeting for a repaint our programme allows for ongoing maintenance. Problems are dealt with almost before they are noticeable.

  • Immaculate painting of building structures.
  • Liaison with architects and designers for functionality appropriate for business at hand.
  • Liaison between project construction/design departments for integrated work completed on schedule.
  • Surface preparation and restoration where necessary.
  • Anti-graffiti and anti-Pollution surfaces.
  • Painting for the restoration of historical buildings.
  • High Pressure Cleaning.
  • Artistic and decorative finishes.
  • Floor coatings for non-slip and heavy wear surface.
  • Corrosion control for metal surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly, low emission paints.
  • Ongoing maintenance of any painting project.