How long should I wait Before Sleeping in a recently Painted Room?

It depends on the paint, but we recommend waiting several days and thoroughly airing out the room. Young children and expecting women should be kept completely away from paint and recently painted rooms.

Can exterior paint be used Indoors.

It is not recommended, but exterior paint can be used indoors. Given the much greater expense, there is no reason to do this. And you will have to wait much longer for the chemical smell in the air to clear. There are also fewer colours to choose from. Interior paint is a better option.

Does Glossy finish Paint cause a Room to be more Hot or Humid?

This appears to be a rumour based on a misunderstanding. External paint will affect how a house absorbs heat in the Sun. Interior paint does not appear to make much difference. Go with what looks the best, or use glossy paint in kitchens and bathrooms.

Can We Paint Gloss over Satin Finish or Vice-Versa?

Generally yes, if the surface is properly prepared. It is difficult for some paints to adhere to gloss paint underneath, so the surface might need to be roughened. Latex paint can cause problems too, so the surfaces underneath must altered. Remember, the effect will be quite different. Gloss shows all the imperfections.

Why is Wallpaper less popular these days?

Some people still like wallpaper, but other realize the disadvantages. Paint can be touched up and fixed easily; wall paper is difficult to repair if damaged. Wallpaper is also difficult, or expensive to replace if your change your mind. Paint just seems to work well, and is easy to maintain or replace.

Some decorators like to use decals on walls. This allows us to have intricate designs on painted walls. Some of the market for wallpaper has been taken by decal and other wall designs.

Should the Ceiling be Painted First?

Painting the ceiling first will prevent any spilt paint getting on the recently painted walls. But if painting is done professionally it makes little difference as there should be negligible spillage.